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I have been making fabric art for more than 30 years. It has been shown in venues around the world and in many publications. Some of the work on these pages is for sale, others, simply for your enjoyment.


My artwork begins as memory—impressions of places I've been, people I have known, the world around me, yesterday's walk, last summer's garden. Memory is imperfect, exaggerating certain things, discarding others altogether. And similarly, while my work may resemble something real, it is reality edited, biased, and colored by

time and circumstance. I am always hoping to connect to the part of the memory that held meaning for me, regardless of absolute accuracy.


I often use recycled clothing fabric, which seems to come to me with its own memories. I feel it adds a depth and richness that I respond to. My background in painting and drawing is fundamental to what I do, but I choose to work with fabric for its familiarity and emotional connection to our human experience.


Terry Grant
Textile Art

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