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One of my favorite things is making small work . . .  


Sometimes I am trying out a new technique. Sometimes I am working out a design for a larger piece. Sometimes I just want to use a favorite piece of fabric, or bit ephemera that is too small for anything larger, but too special not to use. Sometimes I'm just in the mood to work on something that I can finish soon or gives me a rest from an intense project. Whichever of these it might be, I truly love these small works. Some I keep for myself, some I am happy to share. I finish them in different ways, but each is ready to hang. Be sure to pay close attention to their size. Many are very small, which is not always apparent as you see them on your monitor.


These small pieces are each 8" x 8" and are mounted on a stretched canvas, ready for hanging.  The central images were silkscreened on hand-painted fabrics.

Sprig, green     $65

Sprig, orange     $65

Sprig, purple    $65

Hand embroidery

These two pieces incorporate a lot of hand embroidery. Each is 12" x 12" and mounted on a stretched canvas, ready to hang.


Wheels 1         $150

Wheels 2         $200


13" x 14" 


bamboo hanging rod


These three pieces are studies in symmetry, using the same shapes to create different symmetrical designs. Each is 12" x 12", mounted on a stretched canvas.

Symmetry 1    $145

Symmetry 2    $145

Symmetry 3    $145

Allison has a Hat for Every Occasion

8" x 8"

Bamboo hanger


Stretched on a wood frame

Mounting a small piece on an unseen wooden frame gives it presence and depth.


8" x 8"


Photo Mar 06, 9 30 10 PM.jpg

Leaf and Bowl - A Study in Stripes

6" x 6"

Mounted on wooden frame



10" x 10"

Mounted on stretched canvas, ready to hang


Terry Grant
Textile Art

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